Housecoal banned

Degasified coal? Bitumen? Will we have to turn to these at the cost of global warming?

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Re: Housecoal banned

Post by Catweazle »

Apart from being easier to light, housecoal is vastly inferior to anthracite. Housecoal sends most heat up the chimney by producing too much flame, whilst anthracite burns slowly with very little flame but lots of "glow".

I say good riddance to the smoky, smelly stuff, there are villages around here than stink of sulphur in winter.
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Re: Housecoal banned

Post by adam2 »

I agree, anthracite is almost allways a better fuel for multifuel stoves, and patent smokeless fuel preferable for open fires.
However the "poverty lobby" are demanding exceptions for the poor or vulnerable. Bulk buying and community distribution is being proposed.

BTW, I burn logs normally but have run out and am burning anthracite at present. There are too many variables to accuratly compare costs, but anthracite is much less trouble, replenishment twice a day rather than every couple of hours.

My pet cat usually sleeps on my bed in winter, and I was a little concerned that he was not on my bed last night. Sleeping contentedly in front of the stove which remained lit from about 22-00 until 10-00 the next day. I could get used to the bad black stuff.
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Re: Housecoal banned

Post by kenneal - lagger »

But anthracite only keeps you warm the once whereas logs do it three times.
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