Small hydro electric power plant.

Hydro-electricity? Fusion? Thermal Depolarization? Do we have any other real alternatives? Including utility scale energy storage.

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Small hydro electric power plant.

Post by adam2 »

News report on a village scale hydro electric system.

Rather lacking in technical detail but still interesting.
Voltage ?
Frequency ?
Total capacity ?
Is the electricity free, or rationed to a certain load, or metered ? Lighting only, or electric cooking also?

BTW, more than the stated "half a watt" can be produced from cycle dynamo, often 3 watts, which is still not much but can light a modest home.
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Re: Small hydro electric power plant.

Post by BritDownUnder »

I would guess that the voltage and frequency is somewhat variable. By the looks of the well lit section of street at the start of the reportage it could be approaching 1 kw of power. Looking at the small shed with water emerging from it and the pipe going into it I guess a head of 30 metres and a flow of about 10 litres per minute. Using the m.g.h formula for potential energy conversion I get 10kg x 10ms2 x 30m = 3000 Joules per second so 3 kW of available power in theory. Getting about half of that as electrical output would be good so about 1 kW seems a good guess. I take my hat off to the African engineer who built this. Good to see some good news and Kenya seems to be one of the better ran African countries. I bet he did not need to do half the paperwork that he would have needed in the UK or Australia. National Rivers Authority, Local council, Electrical System Operator etc etc. Just do it!
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