Running a genny off propane or butane?

What changes can we make to our lives to deal with the economic and energy crises ahead? Have you already started making preparations? Got tips to share?

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Re: Running a genny off propane or butane?

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There are some heavy duty alternators that can supply over 300 amps 12v, I expect that they're pricey. ... ochure.pdf
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Re: Running a genny off propane or butane?

Post by adam2 »

Post office telephones, before the days of BT, used small portable LPG generators to power lighting at work sites. 27.5 volts nominal, to charge 24 volt batteries and/or power 25 volt GLS lamps.

These still sometimes turn up secondhand, and if in good working order are worth considering for the off grid home with a 24 volt battery system. Several manufacturers built these to the same Post office specification.
They worked for days from the large propane cylinders, I suspect that quite a few were "borrowed" in the 1970s power cuts.
"Installers and owners of emergency diesels must assume that they will have to run for a week or more"
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